Exhibition: Saboteur’s File. Petr Philippov


You are a large green alien. You are looking for the landing spot for your space ship. To assess the locations you emphasize the prominent features of the landscape and transmit the most detailed instructions for the landing of saboteurs. For a long time you have been successfully disguising your reports as drawings on paper. You put the landscapes in a file and think that the next one will be last. But the assignments keep coming. If they don’t, you take a clean sheet of paper just to be safe. Then you just put another landscape on the paper. Sometimes you lay out the landscapes for the locals to consult.

Apart for the saboteurs file, there is the saboteur’s discharge album.

About the artist

Collectors have paid attention to Petr’s works in the middle of the 90s, when, Mikhail Ukhov, Stas Shuripa and Petr Philippov, a a fashion model and a worker of a bus fleet, had organized an art group ‘Hurrah!New project.’ (It sounds more like ‘Uranium Project’ in Russian.) During and immediately after so-called ‘perestroika’ art from former Soviet Union was popular and every piece of it costed a lot. Young people had the impression that there is no need to attend university. They thought that hard work and cheerful and sociable lifestyle will give them a good basement for the future. In the 2000s, due to poisoning with amphetamines Petr Pilippov is almost completely paralyzed, galleries are losing interest in him. Petr can not get out of his room for several years. At that time, he develops digital technologies and posts images and videos online. He had met his wife, his new gallerist and even found a small job. In 2012 Petr moves to Prague. The ability to operate with his hands partially returns. The artist starts experimenting immediately. His best friends and constant models are Prague street. The exhibition displays 16 urban landscapes that Petr Philippov created created in 2012 – 2013. These are paintings A4 made with colored markers . There are also several digital works, they are more ‘traditional‘ for this artist. The artist has jokingly calls them a “dischargee album.”

Petr says: making this exhibition, immersed in an urban environment and is dedicated to her , he wants to see at the show as much as possible neighbors and understand their sense of place . A curator, probably, would not set himself such a task: the art market is not focusing on opinions of neighbors and runs such experiments. The artist counts on crowdfunding to get money for the exibition. The entry should be free and wheelchair-friendly. Three works from Prague have found their new homes already: after the show one will go to United States, the other one – to Russia, and the third will remain in Europe, in Brussels.

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