Vašek and his InCider Bar

Are you curious to find out what happens, when an IT guy decides to open the first cider bar in the Czech Republic and create its furnishings himself?

Vašek was an IT consultant until last May. Then he decided to change his career path. He opened the InCider Bar in Krymská as the first one in the Czech Republic offering primarily ciders. “My first experiences with woodworking and welding were in DIY Praha, before I was barely able to cut a piece of wood”. After going through 2 courses in the workshop Vašek was able to make almost all of the furnishings for his bar by himself.


I was in the DIY Praha workshop for the first time in August last year; it was for a pallet furniture course. We learned how to take the pallets apart, cut and reassemble them. I made a coffee table from them for my living room.


Two weeks after this I attended a welding workshop, led by Michael Pitthan. Immediately after the course I stared to make the wooden tables with steel pedestals for the bar. I had copied the measurements from a commercial catalogue, but I added some modifications to them – for example, instead of having the steel base plate of 6 mm thick, I made it with 10 mm. I wanted it to be solid and heavy-duty. Of course, I did not calculate everything and did not realize that after such adjustment the tables would weigh around 200 kg in total. The hardest part was putting them aside in the evening after working in DIY. When everything was done, I was physically very tired. But it was fun, I enjoyed it.

In the end, the most difficult part was to weld so that the steel plates do not twist. When they are too thin they expand in the welded area. I had to go very slowly and let the plates cool down. First I was practicing at one training table which is now in my cellar, the other ones went well. In total the work took me about a month.


At the same time I was attending waiter´s course. It did not go together very well; they told us that we need to be careful to keep our hands clean because guests will always notice your hands. But if you are working with the black paint from the can it is not that easy.


Another thing I made in DIY is a toilet paper holder. When I was working on it people watched me and asked me what it was going to be, it looked really weird. But when it was done ….. it is simply unique.







I was also making lamp shades from brown cider bottles. Guys from SRNA studio helped me to cut the bottoms and I sanded the inside with Hank ´s sand blasting pistol, to make them matt. The blasting pistol looks just like the spray gun, except for the sand instead of paint inside. The sand brushes the bottle softly. It is a complicated job, you use whole box of sand for one bottle and then you are running around with little broom to fill the pistol again.


I also tried to sand one bottle from outside, but it is better to leave it smooth, makes it easier to clean from dust. Hank gave me a tip to try some patterns, so I made stripes on one of them. It worked, but it is double work and it is not that much better looking.





Right now I am working on a holder for 16 bottles with LED lights on it. It is for indecisive customers, who can just push the button at the bar and it will pick randomly one cider for them. I just need to connect the electronic parts and program the logics on Arduino. The wooden frame from DIY is ready.

Another project in progress is lighting logo of Magnetic Apple Cider. I will be the first one in the world with the Magnetic shingle, just like pubs have the ones from breweries whose beer they have on the tap. It is almost ready, but working with that thin metal plate was really hard work. To weld it so that it is waterproof, that was almost a superhuman task. Fortunately it will be high enough that nobody will be looking at it too closely. Now I just need to finish the electricity and plastic parts.


I have one more project in head for the future. It would be a game for people standing in front of the bar. In the bar window, there will be lighting sanded bottles and outside will be 2 buttons. As people will push the buttons the bottles will be lighting. It can work for example like this: when one player puts of his finger from the button, the other one will have to react and move his finger as well within 30 seconds. I am not sure about the details yet, I have all written down on small pieces of papers all over my pockets. Hank makes fun of me that these are my blueprints. It is not very exact, but it works. They kicked me out from the first year of the Electrical Faculty so I will need much more little papers before putting this game all together.


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