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“Different City Experience” festival in DIY Praha on 19.9.2015 – PROGRAM

We are very happy to join the neighborly festival “Different city experience” also this year. Since we have moved from Prague 3, we won´t be at Kino Aero this year. Our program will be “at home”, in our workshop. Thanks to the size of premises (and the roof protecting us from a tricky weather), some other folks have joined us with their projects.


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Newsletter June 2015: DIY Praha is moving & wants to know your opinion!


downloadFrom the first of July 2015, a bigger and more versatile premises in Holešovice will become the new home for our workshop.  There are big changes coming – expansion of our services, new courses, a coffee and design shop….many things to look forward to!




You can help us with this big change by filing in this questionnaire, it will only take you a minute. It is important for us to know the opinions of the people who´ve gotten us this far, help us grow in the right direction. Thanks.


IMG_5040 (1)We also have a YOUTUBE CHANNEL now, containing videos from courses, events and from the process of creation of some of projects going on in the workshop.




Because we are moving, we will be taking a break in offering our popular workshops. So don´t miss your chance, sign up for the courses scheduled for June, there are still a few places left!