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While you´re enjoying summer holidays, the umpalumpas will be busy in DIY Praha

Good news – newIMG_2324 premises are almost ready! We need just few modifications to do the last step and will be spread into the rest of the space to a total of 1.000 m2. The bad part is that we have to close the workshop for 3 weeks. However we are sure that new bigger space and bringing new tools in worth it.

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Newsletter May 2016 – Yes, We Are Open!


Premises in Kolbenova are open!

After several months of not being operational we are happy to announce that we are open! While we are working to make our new premises in Kolbenova pleasant and cozy, you are very welcome to come and work on your projects.

Opening hours are temporarily adjusted, so you can plan your work Weekdays and Saturdays from 9 am till 9 pm and Sunday from 12 am till 7 pm.

Please note it is necessary to book the time and/or material in advance by contacting us by email or by phone +420 777 730 680. We will reply as soon as possible.

Courses are on the calendar

If you have missed our popular courses (Woodworking Basics, Metalworking Basics, Welding, Silk Screening) there are once again workshops to attend to learn some new skills and get familiar with our space. The courses are provided in English or Czech language and all above mentioned courses are scheduled for each month in both languages.

Recently added are new courses with Natalie Mikešová who has prepared Textile stamp printing courses and Basic Sewing classes.

Please find all the actual courses at our website:

Membership system

As we have grown and expanded our physical space we are implementing a membership system as a part ofimproving our services. We are taking a cue from successful maker’s spaces around the world, focusing on supporting a creative community here. With the increase of workshop users and broadened offerings of tools and activities, cultivation of a group of makers is the next step.For those with a one-off project, we will still offer workshop time at an hourly rate, however, members will have priority for booking & use of the space.

All members are free to use social area, drawing and designing premises and equipment, shared co-working space and changing area. In addition, the members have the possibility of discounts to all courses and service. Once a month any member can register a non-member to any course for the price discounted according to his/her member tariff.

There are several varieties of membership based on the amount of time you expect to be in the workshop. The levels are intended to fit different users needs and flexible on a month to month basis. For all the details see the link:

Newsletter February 2016 – We are settling in!


We are moving into the new premises in Kolbenova

DSC_0860 After all of the changes we have gone through in these past few months we have found an even better new home. Thanks to everybody for replies to our questionnaire, for your suggestions, advice and support.

Our new workshop is right around the corner (60 meters) from the Kolbenova metro station and opposite the famous flea market. It is a little further out, but very easy to reach by public transport. Driving access is also no problem, parking is available at the workshop.

This space has been a working metal shop and wood working shop, which we will be able to have up and running with very little reconstruction. We will be able to offer all of the same tools and services plus we are looking forward to adding some new equipment and expertise.

New premises

We will be posting classes in the next couple of weeks and will be open for at least limited work by March 18th. Keep an eye on our web page and don´t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

We hope you will like this new workshop and will be getting your hands dirty with us soon.


Crafts people wanted

DSC_0726We want to be expanding our services and attracting a group of professional crafts people to share our space with us. If you are looking for a space for your atelier, we can offer you your own 15-30 m2 of space for your tools and access to DIY Praha´s equipment. We would welcome the possibility to collaborate with you teaching our workshops and running your own classes.

If this is interesting for you, please contract us at to arrange the visit and discuss the options.

Storage for members

IMG_0090Next door to this new workshop, we have a 200 m2 storage space that will be available for hire to our members. Whether you need space for your projects or materials or just the overflow of your flat, we can offer flexible range of options. Whether you need a singe pallet or 10 m2, we can provide a secure storage unit. We hope that this is something that will be interesting for you as a nice bonus to being a DIY Praha member.

Newsletter November 2015 – what is going on in DIY and when it´s gonna be opened?

New premises

DSC_0036It is not an easy job to prepare almost 1,500 square meters and so we are not open yet. We have expanded scope of our project and want to offer a better equipped professional workshop. If you are curious to see how our new home looks now, come see it during our visiting hours on Thursday afternoons!

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Newsletter June 2015: DIY Praha is moving & wants to know your opinion!


downloadFrom the first of July 2015, a bigger and more versatile premises in Holešovice will become the new home for our workshop.  There are big changes coming – expansion of our services, new courses, a coffee and design shop….many things to look forward to!




You can help us with this big change by filing in this questionnaire, it will only take you a minute. It is important for us to know the opinions of the people who´ve gotten us this far, help us grow in the right direction. Thanks.


IMG_5040 (1)We also have a YOUTUBE CHANNEL now, containing videos from courses, events and from the process of creation of some of projects going on in the workshop.




Because we are moving, we will be taking a break in offering our popular workshops. So don´t miss your chance, sign up for the courses scheduled for June, there are still a few places left!