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Mysha’s DIY Apartment Challenge


How did you come up with the idea of furnishing the whole apartment with DIY furniture? Where did the motivation come from?

I had the apartment for rent and I wanted to make it unique, different from all of the others. Since I like the idea of up-cycling, I decided to build all the furniture out of pallets. Plus, a great deal of inspiration came out of my living in Berlin where interiors are often very alternative in interestingly designed.

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Milan’s Sound Booth

Milan shared with us his experience at DIY Praha:

“I wanted to build a sound screen booth for years. I have a home studio and this kind of screens really help to produce clear sounds without echoes. However, you cannot make this kind of a project at home. I heard about DIY Praha by the word of mouth. I knew Michael who has built quiet some stuff in your workshop. That’s how I decided I would make my project here as well.

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