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Free weekend workshop in DIY Praha


We are looking for 6 great and at least a bit skilled people, who will help us to clean, grind and paint 5 old phone booths, that will became new “KnihoBudka” during the week.

The event is also open for everybody, who wants to bring a books to donate or some food for grill and see how the old phone booths are being recycled.

The volunteers working on the KnihoBudka will get:
– foods and drinks during the whole weekend
– voucher for 2 hours of work in DIY
– possibility for long term cooperation with KnihoBudka team.

Program for both days:
10:00 start
10:00 safety instructions
12:00 firing up the grill
18:00 end of work, start of fun




Come to try woodworking and metalworking on tools you cannot fit in your garage, test your skills and learn something new!

woodworking 2This Saturday 3rd, you can try to build a wooden cabinet, renovate old furniture, paint on various types of material or make design from metal. You can also join a concrete drilling competition. All with experienced instructors guiding you through the process. Small refreshments will be available.

Thanks to BOSCH the event is for free.

file2111261158683Every participant will get a small present – BOSCH safety kit.



The program is from 10:00 until 16:00.


NEW COURSES ON OUR PROGRAM! What can you try and learn in our workshop?

NEW COURSES ON OUR PROGRAM! What can you try and learn in our workshop?


It is wet and cold outside, come hide in our workshop and try something new! Thanks to our teachers you can broaden your horizons and maybe discover a new hobby. From most of the courses you will take home your own hand-made present for somebody or for yourself.


You are not very excited about the offer of the clothes shops, you have much better ideas, but you don´t know how to make them come true? Do you have an old sewing machine hiding in your closet, but you´re not sure where to start? At our beginners course Natalie will teach you all you need to know to start – how to thread, how to set up a sewing machine and how to convince it to do what you want it to do.

You know the sewing basics, and now what? At our subsequent courses you can learn how to sew skirt, bag or pants….. and you will make one for yourself.


Are the knitting needles too scary for you? And sewing machine is too technical? No problem. Everybody can make a hat with knitting rings! No needles involved.




Or what about beautiful dream catchers, that will assure you sweet dreams and decorate your bedroom at the same time. Eliška will take you through the process step by step – you can check out her work here.

DIY Praha Grill

DIY Praha Grill was built in a process of collaborative effort on our Welding workshop mentored by Michael and Hank. We are very thankful to everybody that participated. We fired it up for the first time on our Open day and it did a great job. Nobody went home hungry.

In the last few days Michael took care of some final details.

Now grill is out of the shop, travelling around town, doing what it does. It will be on the job at the Jiřího z Poděbrad farmers market for the next two days. Don’t miss the opportunity to try some of the delicious Vietnamese food.

Grill_making_welding_workshop-29 Grill_making_welding_workshop-30 Grill_making_welding_workshop-31