DIY Praha is no longer operating a workshop.

Q:Do I need to bring my own material?
A: We can source most materials your project requires. However, you are welcome to bring your own.
Q: I have no experience with working with tools, but I´d like to work on my projects.
A: Our craftsmen  can help you and make sure your work is safe and effective  while you are still being a part of it. Their remuneration will depend on time and difficulty of your requests.
Q: And if I do have experience, but I got to a dead end with my project/need hand with part that I am not that experienced with?
A: Same thing, don´t be shy and ask for help. It´s better to pay someone to help you, than to waste your time and material.
Q: I just need to work for 2 hours / drill 3 holes / cut 1 board…..
A: Our workshop is based on membership & we are cultivating a group of makers interested in ongoing projects and working together.
Q: Ok, I get it, but I don’ t want to became member, I have just this one-time project
A: The option would be that the job would get done by one of our guys.
Q: Can I bring someone to help me with my project?
A: Sure! Sometimes you need a second set of hands to help you assembly your project, glue pieces together or just take pictures of you while you’ re working. There are three rules: (1) when booking your time, write a note that you are bringing someone so that we know who will be in the workshop; (2) this person needs to register with us and needs to follow the General Rules of the workshop and (3) you both need to be working on your project. If the person you bring in works on his/her own project, we will charge extra hours (one hour will cost double price of extra hour for maintenance membership).
Q: Can I transfer my non-used hours to the next month?
A: No. Unused hours are not transferred to the next period, either financially or otherwise compensated. You can change the type of membership for each month according to your plans.
Q: Are the courses for members only?
A: Not at all, courses are for everybody. As a member, you can get a discount.
Q: Do I need to bring anything for a course?
A: No, unless stipulated in the description of the course. For courses such as woodworking, metalworking and welding please don’t forget some old clothes that can get dirty or torn. For welding, cotton or other non synthetic materials are advised. See the description of each course for further detail.
Q: Do I need to attend basic workshop (for example Woodworking I, Sewing – basics) before I attend the more advanced one?
A: Yes, if you have no or very little experience with respective work. If you want to skip the basic ones, please get in touch with us to talk about your experience.