General rules and other information

DIY Praha is no longer operating a workshop.

 Our agreement is basically the same as that you would make with a sports facility like a tennis hall; you are booking time for an activity and we provide the equipment and space for you to do it. Following this analogy; we ask that you come prepared to do your work, use the shop responsibly and be respectful of the other people here.

We’ll have the space and tools ready for you and are always ready to help with any questions you have about how to use the tools and facilitate your project’s process.


Contract templates

Other services we offer:

Sourcing materials and delivery completed projects.

We can find and pick up whatever materials your project requires within the greater Prague area and deliver your finished project when you are done.

Creative co-working.

For groups and clubs we provide space tools and advice for project or activities you are interested in.

Educational workshops.

Our team of skilled experts would be providing small group workshops for woodworking metalworking silkscreen printing bicycle repair and the variety of home repair tips. For those interested in learning how to use our tools or pick up a new skill, we provide instruction for all of our equipment. We can also provide the space and support for skilled craftsmen that what to teach others in this type of environment.

Arts and Crafts group activities.

We can accommodate groups of up to 20 people that want to create art or “softcrafts” for their actions or events.


A flexible space is available for exhibitions and shows of different kind for local artists and crafts persons.