Our Space

DIY Praha is no longer operating a workshop.

The DIY Praha workshop is just a few steps from the metro station Kolbenova


Our woodworking shop equipped with everything you need to cut, fit, shape & finish softwoods, hardwoods, plywood and sheet goods of all types.

We provide a wide range of stationary (table saw, planer-joiner, belt/disk & cutoff saw) & hand held electric (circle & jig saws, sanders, drills, etc.), air nailers & staplers, and a large assortment of hand tools (hammers, chisels, planes).
Furniture making and repair. You can refinish, repair or re-imagine a piece of furniture you already have or build a new piece of your own design.
Home renovation and improvement projects. Whether you would like to install some new shelves, build a loft, or refinish old windows and doors; our workshop can provide the tools and space to do mock-ups or the full construction in a controlled environment.

Metal construction

Our metal shop provides you with the tools you need for cutting, fitting, welding, grinding, polishing and finishing for a wide variety of materials (steel, stainless, aluminum) in a safe well ventilated space. Whether you’ve got something that needs to be repaired or want to build it from scratch, we can provide what you need.

Finish and painting

Our painting facilities can provide you with a well-ventilated, dust-free & temperature controlled environment to create the finish you’re looking for. You can safely spray nearly any product with our selection of our equipment, from air brushing & HVLP guns to airless high pressure equipment.

We’ve also got a wide variety of rollers, brushes & hand application tools to create almost any finish you can imagine.

Bicycle/motorcycle/small car repair

Our garage is equipped with a wide variety of mechanics tools (pneumatics, hydraulic & hand), lifting and supporting equipment, benches with vices & clamps, and the cleaning and fluid disposal equipment for you to maintain repair your vehicles.

We can handle most motorcycle repair jobs and limit cars to maintenance and service, depending on the size & age of the vehicle. We specialize in the recycling, re-building & repair of old bicycles; from stripping them down, sand blasting the frames through reconstruction to final finish and assembly.

Mixed media projects/ “Soft-Crafts” / Studio

We are equipped to fabricate project blending materials; we have what you’ll need to mix composites (plastics, fiberglass, carbon etc.) with wood &/or metal, glue up models, cut & fit most materials available.

Carving and sculpture. We’ve got the tools, both power & hand, to carve and shape materials from plasticine to stone.

Have a look at the selection of our tools.